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"Never Problems. 

Always Solutions." 

Brandi Kolosky is the Founder and Futurist of House of Berlin LLC and Article Agency Corp. She is an International Business Development Director, Chief Communications Officer, & appointed Marketing & Public Relations Director for several projects.

Kolosky is known for pushing the boundaries of PR, B2B, B2C, and Marketing globally utilizing cross-branding and relationships. She has published clients in worldwide media outlets from CNN, Travel & Leisure, Cigar Aficionado, Forbes, Robb Report, Miami Herald, and more. 

Her clientele has ranged from luxury real estate, sports, travel/tourism, music/entertainment, restaurants/bars, sustainability, banking/capital firms, tech/apps, fashion, government relations, art/artisits & in-between with beauty, beverage, food and cigar products. 

She has managed to grow into an expert on aligning and cross engaging brands & their markets for maximum exposure. Her clients & network trust has been extended through constant referrals over the past 13 years. 

Brandi Kolosky is known as a powerful leader. She can walk into a meeting and within 30 minutes be able to asses’ brands and businesses, provide valuable solutions, create more pathways for revenue, and her network of contacts globally are able to plant economical growth for all.  

"I started off my life becoming disciplined and trained as #professional performer and #dancer. Skinning fish and preparing meals by age 10. Began practicing #meditation and becoming a #MissFloridaPageant delegate at the age of 16. Studied #Entrepreneurship and #Business university courses in high school, then moved into real estate world and finally found #Marketing and Public Relations."

"I was not aware of what my #career would flourish into as my #passions are with the #oceans, the #stars, the #stage, the #sports, #health, #spirituality, #food and the #nerd in me. So now, I am here, serving you because I literally love everything about life and want to promote what or who is #quality to the masses."

Juan Canto brings branding to the forefront with detailed and one-of-a-kind designs; orginally from Argentina.  

Tobias Fachuer is both still and moving as our in-house photographer and videographer; originally from Miami.

Ralf Gettler has a web programming and SEO history dating to when it all began; originally from Germany.