House of Berlin - Article Agency has and does host an array of clients and projects spanning several industries: Sports, Music, Artists, Events, Restaurants, Auto, Fashion, Beauty, Health, Tech, Sustainability, and more. Two reasons our clients are so vast in industries: due to knowing a quality brand and product is what we would use, see, eat, play, wear and consume and/or our interest in the exapnision of the business development for reinvesting. Basically loads of potential for both parties. 

Welcome to our House of awe-spiring visionaries we are grateful to call our clients or past clients. 


Casa de Montecristo by Prime Cigar & Whiskey Lounge

Located in the epicenter of Brickell Miami, the owners of Prime Cigar & Whiskey Lounge were seeking a step-up from their average social media and marketing, so they called on us by referral. Currently we are producing a full-service package for Prime ranging from Social Media Management, Content Creation, Business Development, Press, Event Activations and more. Already out the gate there has been a film and a tv series showcasing this regal gem; airing soon. 

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Farmer's Mixes

We began this relationship while our founder, Brandi, was being the curious futurist that she is, and noticed a gentleman pouring a liquid into his neat spirit with ice. Low and behold, it was a natural, healthy, organic home-made beverage. Her favorite. From brand name, logo, e-commerce and B2B, Farmer's Mixes is "From the Garden to Your Glass." Two market tests have been conducted prior to launching. We chose a luxury, high net-worth, demographic environment and a yoga, music, mindful camping festival. Our results say it's a winner for any age, any time. 

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premier live house of berlin article agency richard branson

Premiere live necker island cup & open 

Just like his new book title, we too are "loosing our virginity." Hired on to assist the Premier Live event owners in capturing brand partnerships by leverging our global relationships. In addition, capturing media coverage is our final goal. See you on Necker Island November 2018!

Crystal Peel Skin Care

Just when you think skin care products are a dime-a-dozen, along comes some thing so clean, powerful, plant based, and all over body skin preserving, Crystal Peel. The brains and beauty of this project is backed by a New York group who have been in the beauty retail business since the early 1970's. With that being said, it was time to get caught up in the e-commerce world where beauty and fashion is ran by 20-something year old bloggers and trendsetters. Moving forward, we are in final stages of web and ad designs, targeted messaging, and media reviews.

Stay tuned for more updates. 


empire social

Recently hired to launch a new concept of socializing in Miami, FL. We begin with branding, marketing plans, campaign, digital and web development. Opening Fall 2018!

Exactly what is says...Instant advanced lending commission company servcing the real estate and brokerage firms. Launched a few months ago, tested their waters, and now are ready for the House of Berlin experience and the Article Agency storytelling. Starting with website and leading into digital content, we are beyond thrilled to add them to our portfolio. 

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Beach Taco HOB.jpg


Beach Taco did not exist before the founders chose House of Berlin - Article Agency. After several other proposals landed at their table, we saw the vision. Some 1950's merged with today, beachy yet swanky, and tasty as much as affordable. Tacos, Burritos, Dips and such!

#HouseofBerlin #ArticleAgency created their website, logo, branding, flyers and social media. We moved into a couple months of PR with great success before they realized they wanted to go bigger. So while they are finding a new location, we are on hold. 

check out a few campaign designs and commissioned artist we secured for the client here.

A few years ago we were fortunate to be apart of the initial marketing and brand partnership team along side the CMO of FIA Formula Electric Racing by introducing this innovative sustainable sport to the racing automotive industry, Formula-E Championship Global Race.  

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